Why do you need health insurance for foreigners in Spain?

According to the Immigration Law, if you come to Spain to reside for a period of more than 90 days, you must apply for a European Union Citizen Registration Certificate if you are an EU citizen, or a Residence Permit if you are a non-EU citizen.

EU and Non-EU Foreigners who are going to reside in Spain for more than 3 months must also prove that they have a health care insurance that provides full coverage in Spain equivalent to that provided by the National Health System.

What is the NIE and why do you need it?

The NIE is the Foreign Citizen Identification Number that is needed by both EU and non-EU Foreigners residing or not residing in Spain. It starts with a single letter and is followed by a seven-digit number. It is an absolutely unique number that is only assigned to you.

It is necessary to have the NIE for almost all kinds of operations, from opening a bank account, contracting a telephone line, starting a business, buying, renting or selling property, buying a vehicle, validating or obtaining a driver’s license, working, accessing social security and health services, public services such as contracting water and electricity…

Health insurance for expats in Spain

Health Insurance suitable for NIE & Spanish Residence & Visa

To start the Spanish bureaucratic process in Spain to obtain your Visa, your NIE or Spanish residence, your Health Insurance
You must necessarily have certain coverage, specific guarantees and payment as indicated in the law.

If any of these points is done wrong, you will have to repeat the entire process and start over.

We have seen it in many cases where clients had not done well from the beginning and had to start over, this time contracting with us.

The health policy that we offer you meets all the requirements that the Spanish government requires of you.

We will help you. We are experts in health insurance and other specialties. Trust us.

Neus Molina
  • PRIMARY MEDICINE, EMERGENCIES, MEDICAL SPECIALTIES (pediatrics, gynecology, cardiology, dermatology…)
  • DIAGNOSTIC TESTS BOTH SIMPLE (ultrasound scans, analysis…) and high technology (CAT scans, MRI scans…)
  • THERAPEUTIC METHODS, BOTH SIMPLE (rehabilitation, aerosol therapy…) AND HIGH TECHNOLOGY (lithotripsy, radiotherapy, chemotherapy…)

If you are looking for a medical insurance for NIE Send us an email to info@segurcoworking.com! We are specialists in insurance for foreigners in Spain!

Let me be clear, as your time is worth a lot.

I have been a Health Insurance Advisor for more than 10 years. I know all the health insurances in Spain, and I chose the one I have for me and my family not only because it is the one I sell but because it is the one I trust.

I trust so much that I have put in the hands of the insurer that I am going to offer you, the most valuable thing I have, my family.

I am going to be honest with you right now, I do not have the cheapest health insurance in the market, but I do have one of the best.

The clients that have contracted their health insurance with me, have used it and are happy.

This year 2022 I have had several clients who have been very ill, so much so that they had to undergo oncological treatment with our insurance, and you know what? they are happy to have contracted their health insurance with me because they have had the necessary medical and psychological treatment.

They were able to choose Doctors and Hospital, because when you are sick you need to be with a Doctor that inspires confidence.

It is a complete Health Insurance that has everything you need and with which you can process your VISA NIE Spain!

It also has dental coverage so you can smile all the time!

Student Residence

If you are a foreign student in Spain you will need a Health Insurance with complete coverage, and that complies with the regulations, both for the first processing and for the renewal of the NIE.
Our health insurance complies with what a foreign student needs.
In addition, you can count on our help when you need to visit a doctor or specialist.

We will help you Students.

Visa Procedures

If you are going to stay more than 90 days in Spain, you will need to apply for a visa in Spain.
For visa procedures in Spain you are required to have a full health insurance. Our health insurance covers everything you need for your stay in Spain.

We will help you VISA

Family Reunification

If you want to bring your children, partner or parents to Spain, you will also need to take out health insurance to apply for family reunification.
Our health insurance covers all the necessary. We will also advise you once your family is already here.

We will help you Family Reunification

Some frequently asked questions that foreign clients coming to Spain ask about our medical insurance

Is it a NIE health insurance? Yes, it is, our insurance facilitates obtaining the NIE.
Is it a health insurance that allows to renew the NIE? Yes, it is.
Is it a health insurance to obtain the Residence Card of a family member of a European Union citizen? Yes, it is.
Is it a health insurance for residence permit? YES
Is it a complete health insurance for foreigners? YES
Is it a health insurance without co-payments? YES, for the NIE it is compulsory.
Is it a health insurance valid for visa purposes? YES
Once I arrive in Spain and I need to go to the doctor, how will I know where to go? You will have access from the web to know which specialists and hospitals you can visit. Our commitment to our clients is also clear, you have us at your side at all times, ask us for help whenever you need us!


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